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Make it Manageable
Take 5 minutes out of your day and dedicate it to yourself. These 5 minutes can bring a new perspective, positivity and calmness to whatever stress is weighing down on you. Find a place to go–a conference room, bedroom or park bench and consider this your “sacred place” to come and focus on yourself.

Be Aware When Your Attention Wanders
It’s quite common for your mind to wander when you begin to meditate. Sensations, impulses and thoughts play out in your mind that may draw your attention away from your breathing. Awareness allows you to train your mind to be less reactive and increasing your ability to concentrate.

Fit Mindfulness Into Your Lifestyle
Choose a space to call your own where you feel more comfortable can create a more relaxed environment to start meditating.

Be Flexible & Open to Change
Being open to trying new things and thinking a different way can open the door for a new way of being. Change can make some of your everyday tasks more manageable.