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Our every day lives are filled with calendar appointments, check-lists, to-do lists, and all kind of other obligations–so much so that this level of busy-ness makes every woman wish she had more hours in her day and more days in her week.

Of course, we pride ourselves on our ability to juggle many projects and accomplish many goals. In the search for balance, things inevitably get sacrificed including time with loved ones and time for self.

No human being should work at such a pace that they can’t focus some time on self-care. Meditation is one outlet for refreshing and can be done in the car, at your desk, or in a private area in your office. A few minutes to refocus on what brings you peace can lighten the load.

Ideally, meditation is best practiced at a specific hour each day while seated on a comfortable cushion in a serene place. However, between taking care of children, managing a home, running a business or going to work, meditating can easily be the last thing on your mind. Your challenge is to make it a priority, knowing its benefits.

Meditation is a calming practice. It reduces stress, improves concentration, and increases self-awareness. It can improve the overall state of health. It can ensure that you are in a stable state of mind despite emotional shifts and challenges experience daily. As a result, many women have made meditation part of their daily routine. So whether at home, work or wherever you find yourself, have a proper cushion accessible and make time for you. Stop for a moment….your success may depend on finding peace and serenity now.