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The meditation benefits for women are seemingly endless. From improving your sex life to easier dieting and stronger intellect, meditation has a positive impact on a woman’s mind. A consistent meditation practice can change your life by addressing years of depression, anxiety, anger and stress. Imagine positivity taking over the negativity that’s always existed. You can have control over your mind.

Meditation makes women smarter.

When you are able to focus, your work is simply better. Meditation is exercise for the mind that cuts through the junk and anxiety, strengthening your brain against all kinds of distractions. Meditation invigorates the cerebral cortex and pre-frontal cortex. These are the parts of the brain you want to access. They control memory, attention, and perception. Fortifying these areas make your decisions wiser and makes problem solving easier.

It raises your stress threshold which makes dieting easier

For a lot of women, worrying is such a habit that it is uncomfortable to silence worries. They worry that there is something they should be worried about. Meditation eases your nervous system and brain out of its comfort zone. It allows your mind to realize there is no harm in stillness. When the stress threshold is raised, the space wherein you are relaxed is increased.

Perhaps during times of stress you reach for a cookies or alcohol or lash out in anger at others. Meditation teaches us how to push the stressful thoughts away. Even when you find yourself wanting to reach for false comfort items, meditation practice give you the ability to take a breath and re-center your mind. Life is easier if we learn real and effective ways to handle them.

Meditation relieves pain.

Whether you’re suffering back pain or menstrual cramps, meditation can help ease pain. Pain has both physical and mental components but meditation can help us to focus the mind away from the pain. Pain can often causes anxiety and elevated blood pressure which can both intensify pain. By lowering blood pressure and easing anxiety, meditation eases suffering.

The best part is meditation can be done by any woman. It is a skill that can be taught. Women simply need to be willing and open. While deeper levels of meditation may take awhile to achieve, even from the first basic sessions women improvements in mental and physical health are evident.