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Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. It can be used to increase awareness of yourself and the world around you and can be a method of reducing stress. The following are our list of meditation podcasts we believe will help supplement your meditative habits in positive ways.

  1. Meditation Oasis – Meditations to help you relax deeply, be more present and flow more easily with life. Mary and Richard Maddux offer a variety of guided meditations with and without music, as well as instructions for meditations you can do on your own.
  2. Meditation Minis – Join host and hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton for short, guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more – most in 10 minutes or less. This is the show for you if you don’t believe you have the time to commit to meditation.
  3. The Meditation Podcast – Husband and wife team Jesse & Jeane Stern create an extraordinary meditation experience for people in their every day lives. This podcast uses guided meditations, binaural beats, and mindfulness.
  4. Hay House Meditations – Hay House presents Guided Meditations featuring favorite authors guiding you through meditations designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. Episodes often include topics on health, healing, overcoming fears, and much more.
  5. Mindful Meditations – From UCLA, their mission is to foster mindful awareness through education and research to promote well-being and a more compassionate society.
  6. Meditation Station by Stin Hansen – A makeover for your mind, episodes include Housework Meditation and Clearing Meditation for your Best Body.
  7. Daily Meditation Podcast – This is a library of meditations at your finger tips. Feel as though you’re seated next to your personal meditation teacher Mary Meckley as she takes you on a weekly journey to manage your emotions.
  8. Tara Brach – Tara Brach, Ph.D., is an internationally known meditation teacher and author of bestselling Radical Acceptance and True Refuge. Tara shares a weekly guided meditation and talk that blend Western psychology and Eastern spiritual practices. The podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation and self-compassion in relieving emotional suffering, serving spiritual awakening and bringing healing to our world.
  9. Meditation Made Simple with Headspace – Join Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe for a conversation and Q&A with best-selling author Amy Jo Martin. They’ll discuss the evolution of the popular mediation app and its upcoming initiatives.
  10. Abraham Hicks Rampages and Meditation – This podcast is for anyone who wants to expand their mind and enjoy a good meditation or an energetic rampage.