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Awareness of our preconceptions and presuppositions in all areas of our life helps us to better understand the world and our place in it. While the notion of the “blank slate” is a luxury, we can appreciate that through meditative practice we can experience an awakening with nature where things are made fresh and new, things we thought we fully understood or even noticed previously. Mark Coleman wrote in “Awake in the Wild,”

What if you could bring your beginner’s mind to interactions with people you know, letting go of all your ideas and preconceptions about them and see them afresh. In this state, there is always infinite possibility.

Meditation can allow us to experience serenity with a fresh perspective and take us into a world of what feels like a new found awareness of self amidst all that we can’t control. Having the eyes of a child helps gives us a better chance to receive and embrace those things our cluttered minds struggle to even see.